Reporting an elderly person's need for services

A report must be made about an elderly person who is not personally capable of applying for required support and help.

Private individuals have the right to report.

Authorities have the obligation to report.

When should you worry about the wellbeing of an elderly person?

There is reason to be concerned of an elderly person's wellbeing, when:

  • he/she cannot cope with eating, taking medication or there is lack of hygiene with his/her current services
  • he/she lives in an insufficiently equipped apartment or the housing conditions are otherwise poor
  • he/she can no longer independently manage his/her personal affairs.
  • he/she is unable to or incapable of applying for required social and health care services
  • he/she is treated poorly
  • he/she unreasonably consumes intoxicants that puts his/her health at risk
  • he/she places his/her own safety or health at risk
  • he/she has a clear need for aids
  • the result of the safety at home test on this website raises concern.

Where can I find help? Who should I contact?

In the region of South Karelia, you can report an elderly person who needs help by calling Eksote Iso Apu service centre tel. 05 352 2370 or (during business hours 9 am - 3 pm). In urgent cases, please primarily contact us by phone. In non-urgent cases, a report can be made the following business day by phone or by email. By reporting, Eksote’s assessment of service needs will be arranged at the elderly person's home.

In acute situations outside business hours, please call the emergency number 112.

Reporting is an obligation for social and health care professionals. However, anyone can make a report regardless of any confidentiality regulations (Section 25 of the Act on Supporting the Functional Capacity of the Older Population and on Social and Health Services for Older Persons, Informing of an older person’s service needs).

Informing an obvious risk of fire or other risk of accident

In accordance with Section 42 of the Rescue Act

  • If authorities realise or otherwise come aware, in connection with their work, of an obvious risk of fire or other risk of accident in the building, property or other site, they must notify the matter to the regional rescue department despite any confidentiality regulations.
  • The obligation to report also applies to the municipality, other public community and any staff working for them, as well as any operators responsible for maintaining a care facility and organising service and support housing, referred to in Section 18 Subsection 2 of the Rescue Act, as well as staff working for such operator.

Notification in South Karelia is made to the Rescue Department with this form:

The form is sent to the following address

Instructions and advice is available by calling South Karelia’s Rescue Department’s contact number tel. 05 616 7020 (Mon-Thurs at 8 am - 4 pm, Fri at 8 am - 2 pm) or sending an email to

Safety at Home test

If you are concerned, on the basis of the test or otherwise, about the safety of a family member or relative, please contact Eksote/service centre in the South Karelian area TEL. 05 352 2370 MON-FRI 9 am - 3 pm,